Roy was founded in the late 90’s and our goal was above all to have fun with music. From the early concept of a song to the final notes of recording it to playing it live for you we are focused on having a good time and we hope you join us in that fun. We realize that in the 17 years since Roy was founded we have evolved a lot. Some of what was funny in the late 90’s still is but some of it wasn’t and isn’t.

As such we’ve removed some songs and changed some album art because we felt like it wasn’t fun anymore. Specifically jokes where the joke is essentially "we are so awkwardly white that when we say We Invented Rap Music it’s ironic." The problem isn’t that irony still isn’t fun, it definitely is, the problem is that the bad part of that joke is that we’re taking away something from black culture that isn’t ours to take. We don’t think it’s funny anymore to make the joke about taking something away from a group that has historically had so much taken from them.

We both felt that this was something we needed to note because much needs to be done in society to correct the problems of the past that continue to impact the present. Roy has been part of these problems as seen in some aspects of our music and for that we wanted to apologize and evolve.

- Roy


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